Domino Effect

One thing I was just thinking about right now is that I feel like there is so much kingdom-work to be done, even in what God is calling me to do personally. There are an infinite number of things that need to be taken care of, and millions if not billions of people that still need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (more…)

For When I Am Weak

I can’t / couldn’t sing very well.
I’m not / wasn’t proficient at any instruments.
I can’t / couldn’t read song charts or sheet music.
I don’t / didn’t have the experience.

I don’t / didn’t have the technique, training, education, or background.

Yet God still called me to serve as a worship leader, as the youth worship director at my church, and has given me the heart to write songs. Why? Because it’s about doing things in His power to bring Him glory, and not what I can do in my own strength or abilities. (more…)

Look Into His Eyes

Note: This happened recently when I traveled to downtown Cincinnati, OH for work.

“Hey! Do you have money for food?! Someone give me money! I need some food, I’m f#$^@*& starving here!”

I heard his frustrated voice barreling down the corridor of upscale restaurants towards me, aggressively going from person to person with an echoing demand for food. Although I was facing the other direction, I could tell by the closing proximity of his voice that I was his next target. I said a quick prayer and mentally braced myself. (more…)