Extended Thoughts

Extended thoughts in longer blog posts.

Let’s Do Better

These two chapters of Haggai really hit me when I read them, and I think they’re VERY applicable to all of us, even though this happened over 2,500 years ago. God was speaking through the prophet Haggai to the nation of Israel about rebuilding the temple.

I wanted to share my interpretation from what He was saying to the people at that time to what I believe He’s saying to us today. I may be completely wrong, so please offer me grace and ensure it aligns with your interpretation of Scripture, or you can just throw it out. Last warning is that the inner voice in my head sounds slightly “hood” if you know what I mean, so I also apologize for that… that’s just what the voice in my head often sounds like LOL. (more…)

Letting Go

The next morning, Harriet brought Sam [the dog stuffed animal] to breakfast.
“Thanks, Harriet,” said Franklin, reaching for his dog.
But Harriet clung tightly to Sam.
Franklin tugged on Sam‘s tail. Harriet tugged back.
“He’s mine!” said Franklin.
“No, mine!” shouted Harriet.
They pushed and pulled until something terrible happened.

[Excerpt from Franklin and Harriet, Bourgeois and Clark] (more…)

Consider It Pure Joy

This week is turning out to be one of those weeks where things are so crazy that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that’s going on. The fact that I’m even finding the time or mind-share to write this post right now, is a miracle in itself.

A thought just struck me though. If your life is too easy, too smooth, or too painless, then I don’t necessarily think that’s a good thing. Bear with me on this thought. I’m not saying that God wants us to live a life of constant suffering (nor am I saying I want you guys to suffer hehe). Rather, He tells us in His Word that as His children, we’re to have an abundant life, characterized by and rooted in His love, joy, and peace (John 15:11). But there is definitely something to this suffering. (more…)

I Am Not Alone

Though I’ve been filled with much joy in walking with the Lord, the past month has also been a bit solemn for me and many people I know. Literally within the last few weeks I learned about 8 different people that passed away. Four of them from my church circle, two of them in my work circle, and two from extended family. I don’t know if all of them were saved or not, but my prayers go out to each of them and their families. (more…)

Being Heard

One night after I finished doing Bible study with my kids before bed, I asked them a simple question about prayer. We were going through the life of Joshua, and it was apparent that as Joshua remained faithful to the Lord, He heard Joshua’s prayers, vanquished the Israelites’ many enemies before them, and eventually brought them into the Promised Land. I wanted to see if the kids felt that we serve the same God who answered the prayers of His people so very long ago in the Bible. (more…)