Power, Love, & Self-Control

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

As believers, we have a purpose in life, and that is to bring glory to God and carry the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Once you accept that calling, you’ll realize soon enough that it’s not easy.

In his second letter to Timothy, the Apostle Paul encourages and exhorts Timothy to press on in his calling to advance the gospel. Paul has to remind him to persevere and use the spiritual gifts God has given him to fulfill his mission (v6), and to do so with the courage, boldness, love, and discipline given to him by the Holy Spirit.

When you put this into the context of today’s current events, it’s really no different. Without the proper biblical foundation and utmost trust in God, it’s easy to be filled with fear and either give up on our mission, or not start it at all.

I fully believe in the sovereignty of God, meaning He is in control and nothing happens outside of His authority. Yes, that includes the current pandemic, social unrest, racial conflict, riots, twisted politics, natural disasters, and everything else that can attributed to the sin of man and the fallen state of the world.

The fact that He allows these things to happen (which we may never fully understand until we’re on the other side of eternity), means that there is a purpose He will also fulfill through them. To know and trust in His goodness in the midst of trials and tribulations, is our faith.

My exhortation to you is the same as Paul’s was to Timothy. Use the gifts that God has given you to bring Him glory and lead people to Jesus. No matter what is going on around you, look at is as an OPPORTUNITY to share God’s love, to carry God’s light, and to speak God’s truth. Whether the world is seemingly at peace or at war at any given point in time, doesn’t change your purpose; it may just change the manner in which you carry it out in that season.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a pastor, teacher, singer, song writer, chef, government official, gardener, police officer, lawyer, student, medical professional, grocery store clerk, blogger, janitor, athlete, or a stay-at-home parent– if you are a Christian, then you are to carry God’s message of faith, love, and hope in Jesus to those you have access to.

Whatever platform you have, use it. Whether you have an online presence, a small group, or personal connections with friends and family members, use your presence in those places to bring God glory and make Jesus known. Don’t be afraid of how people will take it, because God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control. Don’t fear those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul (Mat. 10:28).

With all of the crazy things going on right now, God in His sovereignty is giving His people the opportunity to fulfill His purpose in a unique way, against a unique setting, and in a unique climate. Will you put yourself on the line for Christ and what He’s called you to, or are you content being silent and standing idle?

I challenge you to pray today, even right now, and ask the Lord how He wants to use you. Who are the people He wants you to reach? How does He want you to reach them? In what ways does He want you to deliver His message?

Paul is not only speaking to Timothy– he’s also speaking to us when he says to not be ashamed of the gospel, but rather, to join him in suffering FOR the gospel BY the power of God.

Brothers and sisters, don’t give in to the spirit of fear, as it’s not from God. His Spirit arms us with the power, love, and self-control we need to draw people to Christ and bring Him glory.

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