Month: June 2019

God Is Patient… I Should Be Too (Judges 6:13)

I woke up this morning sort of frustrated, but God reminded me through His Word and His Spirit that He is sovereign and that all things happen in His timing and under His control.

I’m going to practice my own self-control and restraint in this post and not actually mention what was frustrating me, but the story of Gideon in Judges 6 definitely spoke to me in ways that reminded me that He is patient and gracious with us through all of our humanity, blindness, and ignorance. (more…)

Ask Before You Assume (Joshua 22:10-34)

Earlier this week I got on my daughter’s case about taking a 30 minute shower. Clean water and the money to pay for it, both slipping out of my hands and into the drain of wasted resources to never return… ugh. I was perturbed enough about it that I literally went onto Amazon that same evening and ordered a waterproof timer/alarm to put in the kids’ bathroom. (more…)

Why You Are, Where You Are (Joshua 21:41)

My family and I live in a state called Texas in an area called DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth) in a city called Lewisville in a neighborhood called Castle Hills.

One might think that we’re here by chance, and one might think that it’s simply a place to live and raise our family– that it’s no more than a place to take advantage of the wonderful and plentiful resources that this area provides. But God through His Word, reveals to us that we’re here for so much more.