The Day of the Lord (Joel 1:15)

“Alas for that day! For the day of the Lord is near; it will come like destruction from the Almighty.” (Joel 1:15)

What do you imagine the end of the world will look like? Many movies depict end-time events like massive earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, fire falling from the sky, nuclear explosions, alien invasions, and zombie apocalypses. As terrifying as the movies make these events seem, the reality of what’s to come for those who are not in right-standing with the Lord, will make all of these seem like taking a stroll down Sesame Street.

The book of Joel is a short yet striking book that is essentially a warning to the people of Judah (and all) about the coming judgment of God. Chapter 1 starts out by describing a terrifying invasion of locusts, that is a foreshadowing of the devastation that is to be expected on the “day of the Lord.” The army of locusts leaves only destruction in its path, and there is nothing left after they make their way through the land.

The rest of the chapter describes how everything from the land to every living thing on it will be in ruin. So will it be in the “day of the Lord” or the coming time of His judgment, in which those who do not turn away from sin and turn back to God will experience much worse.

Thankfully, the book of Joel is a warning, which means there is opportunity for restoration to the Lord before that time comes. God offers us forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ, and with that we can walk in confidence towards the “day of the Lord” knowing that our name is written in the Book of Life (Rev. 21:27).

For those who have been justified by faith in Jesus, we have nothing to fear and only eternity to look forward to. Thank you Jesus!

[From February 5, 2019]

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