All Eyes On You (Proverbs 15:3)

“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” (Prov. 15:3)

When I first heard this verse a long time ago, it made me think of a parent or teacher who constantly has their eyes on you. You know what they say about parents when it comes to their children and misbehaving– don’t do anything bad because parents “have eyes in the back of their head.” So it made me think of God sitting there watching us, just waiting for us to to make a mistake.

As I get to know the character of the Lord more and more, I now look at this verse completely different. This verse now brings me great comfort and assurance!

While there is truth in the fact that God DOES see everything, it’s really an inconsequential fact. In the picture of eternity, it doesn’t mean much, because God ALREADY knows everything we’re going to do before we even do it.

It’s not like we make a mistake and sin, and then He’s completely caught off guard by it. He doesn’t get utterly shocked and dumbfounded as if He had no idea what capacity of good or evil we have in us. You see in the Bible that He still clearly reacts with emotion at what we do, but He doesn’t get surprised by it.

And that’s why this verse gives me comfort! Rather than merely watching us to make a mistake, I see this verse reminding us that God is watching us BECAUSE HE LOVES US. He is always with us, watching over us, caring for us, directing us, cheering us on as we make the right decisions, and correcting us as we make the wrong ones.

For kids who have great parents and a good relationship with them, the presence of that parent in their life is a welcomed blessing. You don’t want anything to happen to that parent that would take them away from you.

And so we have God, who is the ultimate, perfect parent, and He has already promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Mat. 28:20)!! For those who walk with the Lord, this is an AMAZING promise and blessing that we can take great comfort in!

Lord, thank you for being present everywhere, all of the time, in every aspect of my life. That You keep watch over us as a loving parent does, leading and guiding us by Your righteousness, is a blessing that I pray that I will never take for granted again. Thank you for Your unending love, and for being with me and my family always. Amen!

[From December 15, 2018]


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