Cursed and Attacked (Psalm 109:27-28)

“Let them know that it is your hand, that you, Lord, have done it. While they curse, may you bless; may those who attack me be put to shame, but may your servant rejoice.” (Psa. 109:27-28)

Once in while, we’re going to run into people that oppose us. And when we openly share our faith, we will ABSOLUTELY run into people who oppose God and our Christian views. If you haven’t run into that yet, then you may not be sharing your faith enough… jus’ sayin! 😉 #foodforthought

We’re going to run into these people as we live out our faith. Instead of getting angry or upset and letting our flesh get the best of us through retaliation, remember that God tells us not to take revenge, as vengeance belongs to the Lord.

I believe the same goes for even those that oppose us or persecute us for things that have nothing to do directly with our faith. If you are running into “enemies” because of the good you do, then smother those enemies in love, forgive them, and leave the situation to the Lord.

In contrast, if you are running into “enemies” because of things you shouldn’t be doing in the first place (sin), then you’ve earned that adversity and the consequences that come with it, and need to get right with God. Be quick to apologize and ask for forgiveness, repent, and move on.

Take heart when you run into people’s curses and persecution due to your relationship with God, as the Lord said you will be blessed in return. We will differentiate ourselves from non-believers by the way we handle conflict and persecution in this world.

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” (Matt. 5:11)

[From November 10, 2018]


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