Love Letters

Her Crayola marker dashed back and forth as she intently filled in her gold framed border. Within the border were words sown with adoration and praise to her “Nana”. Her bright eyes and easy smile radiated the pure, unblemished motives of a child’s affection.

Page 1…2…3…4… the letter continued to grow in length and depth as her heart’s desire made its way onto the blank canvas of printer paper. Artwork of her Nana in a beautiful dress, and the young artist and her siblings etched with expressions of joy, depicted scenes of anticipation leading to their next reunion. A child’s letter- simple and uncomplicated, yet overflowing with devotion; carrying the unmistakable narrative… “I love you.”

As I sat silently this morning asking God what He wanted me to share, I kept seeing images of my friend’s daughter creating this love letter to her grandmother. He asked me this question which I will now pass on to you… When was the last time you wrote God a love letter?

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

That’s God’s love letter to us. Jesus is God’s love letter. He’s the Living Word of God. I’m here to remind you today that God loves you so, so much. He doesn’t want you to live a life that is mired in spiritual mediocrity and defined by our busy schedules and worldly aspirations, or a life defined by our worries and fears; but rather a life that is filled with His eternal purpose and a deep love relationship that only He can fulfill.

He delights in you (Zeph. 3:17) and delights in every detail of your life (Psalm 37:23). His love for you is wildly intense and He cares for you more than you can imagine (Eph. 2:4, 1 Peter 5:7).

Knowing we have a Heavenly Father who loved us to the very death of His own precious Son, I ask again, when was the last time you wrote God a love letter? Am I talking about a physical letter? No, not necessarily (although it could be). What I’m talking about is the message of love we communicate to Him through our priorities and the way we live our lives. It’s what we call “worship” and “obedience” in biblical terms.

These are some of the “love letters” that come to mind this morning that we can send to God (in no specific order):

  • Prayer
  • Praise and thanksgiving
  • Reading His Word
  • Loving your enemies for the sake of His Name
  • Walking in integrity and in His light
  • Meeting other’s needs, ministering to others, giving sacrificially to and for others
  • Discipling others in Christ
  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Worshipping through art
  • And so many other ways!

These are intentional things we do joyfully, reflecting our love for Him.

As far as I know, most if not all of you reading this post are believers, and have been saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ; knowing full well that our works do not purchase our salvation. But our actions DO reflect our faith in Christ and our love FOR Christ (James 2:14-26). And if you’re not yet a believer, I invite you to jump fully into a love relationship that will change your life forever! (Let me know if you have questions about this and I’m happy to respond!)

Just like the child that was fluently writing a letter to her Nana out of sheer love and devotion, we should find ourselves writing daily love letters to God from the same heart of adoration. And if you find yourself struggling to do so, my prayer is that God’s love would overwhelm you today, and that you would be reminded of the sacrifice He’s made for you simply because He loves you. I pray that your relationship with Him would be rekindled, and if it is lacking, that your passion, desire for, and dependence on Him would be increased.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to “write” a love letter (or a few!) to God today, and for all of your days to come. I know He will appreciate and delight in it (Psalms 92:1), just as much as Nana will be overjoyed when she receives hers.

[From November 2, 2015]

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